Houston Gaymers

The largest video gayming community in Texas



Over 75 meetups every year!


Project Blue Shell

Healing through the power of gaming
by bringing handheld gaming devices
to local hospitals, clinics, nursing homes,
women’s shelters, and more.


Houston Gaymers is highly active community group that provides a safe space for LGBT and fellow video game enthusiasts. Since 2009, the group has grown to become the largest video game community in Texas with an online user base of nearly 2000 members. Our membership supports local businesses through our monthly meetups with help from our 500+ local members in the greater Houston area. Houston Gaymers also strives to be a pillar of the community by providing yearly fundraisers to support Texas Children’s Hospital and local charities.

Over 75+ Meetups a Year!

Handhelds Connect!

Bring your favorite Board Games, Card Decks, and Handheld Gaming Devices to join us at Handhelds Connect! This fun event is hosted the first Monday of every month at a local eatery.

Gaymer Meetup

Join us for our biggest meetup on the fourth Saturday of the month. Come out and make some new friends, catch a movie, and play the most popular video games on all the consoles that you love!